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Sexy looks with

The sexy attitude in giving the right shape and curves for the body can be simply achieved, as you become busy in entertaining lots of admirer by giving a millennium woman who has the ability to show its true identity in terms of sexiness. Have the satisfying expression on your face by tapping clinching a sexy tights collection giving long and lean tone making it more sexy and attractive. Tights made of satin body design draping with comfort and style, stylish tights done in more trendy works by using blend of colors, unique pattern finish, and even embroidered design idea. Add more beauty to you looks in this sexy tights collection from, a shop with lots of tights variety from casual to fancy works, tights made to grab your legs in a more gorgeous way, painting your skin with pack of attraction and sensuality. gives sexy tights collection using quality and durable materials from satin, fishnets, microfiber, silk, cotton and more, forming your legs in a more intimidating looks taking away all possible problems like restricted movements, suffocated skins or even rashes of skin blemishes. takes good care of your body while making your fashionable, letting you enjoy more of its products with low cost yet superb quality experience. Collants Veneziana RETE JAPANESE

Select and make more friends, admirers and lovers by attracting them with your seductive legs. The posture that stands above the crowd can be achieved in choosing your alluring tights products here in The goal in building the esteem you want with sexy looks with intimidating personality can be yours, celebrate your freedom in showing your love to everyone who can witness your satisfying style with


On a woman, the leg is a part of an overflowing sensuality. Thin or round, it gives a glimpse of forbidden pleasures. Naked, it turns heads. Dressed in one of the tights of the Italian brand Veneziana, it raises you to the status of sex symbol.
Play it cool with fancy tights
Sensuality can take many forms. Sometimes feline, sometimes mischievous, it can also adopt an eccentric side. For women whose radiance is linked to a sparkling character, the Muza 40 fancy tights will be just perfect.
Covered with a harlequin pattern, it will not go unnoticed. With delicacy, these fancy tights draw attention to your legs and reveal your love of the unbeaten path. With a thickness of 40 deniers, it is sensual and naughty. Note that this is not the only piece of this kind.


Veneziana boutique Boutique collant sexy Boutique en Ligne Veneziana Boutique de vente en ligne Veneziana

In our Veneziana store, you can find an array of tights for women that are out of the ordinary. Checked, covered with star, satin, ... they are also soft to the touch. Hugging you like a second skin, Veneziana tights awaken the fearless seductress in you.
Raise the temperature with sensual tights
For too long, women's tights have been confined to basic models and standard cuts. Fortunately, the designers of Veneziana Pro decided to ignore the dictates of society. Because of their Italian origins, these designers are not afraid to be caliente and it shows in their articles.
To bring a touch of sensuality to its tights, Veneziana creates yokes and lets the skin show through. For example, the Vesna 60 tights stand out with a hollow band that undulates along the leg. Delicately embroidered with lace, it is the sexy touch of these black 60 denier tights.
Inspired by boudoir, Veneziana tights are sometimes covered with bows, laces or fishnet lace. For women who are flirtatious or want to rekindle the flame in their relationship, it doesn't get any better than this.

Leggins Veneziana Veneziana hold ups Stockingsssss Floral Venziana Bas fully Fashionned Veneziana

Taste the serenity with self-fastening stockings
Some women find it hard to stay in tights all day. Uncomfortable with their crotch, they yearn for more freedom while still being dressed. For them, Veneziana has included self-fastening stockings in its catalog. Holding in place with an adhesive strip, these will make the happiness of elegant ladies.
It is important to note that the variety of designs of the hold ups is as impressive as that of the classic tights. They are available in fishnet, lace or with original cut-outs. Explore Veneziana's online store and find at least one pair that suits your personality.

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